Shortened disposal routes and rising disposal costs lead to high standards in the treatment of commercial waste. On the basis of the material composition and the quantities to be processed, we design plants where commercial waste is sorted for material recycling and / or processed for alternative fuels. In addition, we bring existing plant and preparation technology into the new concepts as often as possible.

Our goals are:
– high added value
– residue reduction
– high quality production of alternative fuels


Due to the mechanical preparation of the most varied materials we are faced with constant new challenges. Depending on the physical characteristics or the different material composition, there is always a new task. The sensible combining of the fields of screening, sifting, selecting and compacting is part of our daily business.

Take advantage of our experience and talk to us! Specifically for your needs, we will develop a customized solution.

Our goals are:
– cost-effective and profitable processing of materials
– high reliability
– flexibility