The REMA rack conveyor is specially designed for use with the highest demands. The robust construction of the REMA rack conveyor makes it a reliable partner when it comes to dosing and transporting difficult and aggressive materials. Whether in the area of stone-earth, scrap metal or even in biowaste, the REMA rack conveyor is here the right choice.

Technical Data:

Distance between axles: 4 – xx m Special Version:
– Reversible
– As dosing feeder
– As bunker
Width of belt WB: 800 to 2.000 mm
Effective width EB: 700 to 1.900 mm
Effective height EH: 400 to 800 mm
Speed: 0,05 – 0,5 m/s
Drive: Slip-on gear motor
Special strengths – Robust edge design
– Closed structure
– Modular design
– Suitable for the
hardest tasks