The REMA sliding belt conveyor shows its advantages particularly in application areas where an even distribution of the transported material on the belt is important. Therefore the REMA sliding belt conveyor is frequently used as an accelerator belt before sorting and separating units. The special side seals of the REMA sliding belt conveyor in combination with the standard anti-wrap guard on the drive drum make it the right choice even with difficult materials.

Technical Data:

Distance between axles: 1 – xx m Special Version:
– Reversible
– Manoeuvrable
– Load cells
– Flexible bend element,   negative
– Stainless steel segment
Width of belt WB: 500 to 2.800 mm
Effective width EB: 400 to 2.700 mm
Effective height EH: 200 to 600 mm
Speed: 0,1 – 3,0 m/s
Belt quality: EP 400/3, 3:0,
smooth or cleated
Drive: Slip-on gear motor
Special strengths – Anti-wrap guard
– Robust edge design
– Closed structure
– Modular design
– Side seal