Sifting drum

Sifting drums are manufactured for the most diverse purposes. Individual requirements for throughput performance determine the diameter and length of the sifting drum to be constructed. The requirements of the material to be sifted are met by the various fittings, the sifting angle and the construction of replaceable sieves.

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Impact Separator

Ballistic separation is possible, even in the fine particle fraction.

The REMA innovation, the “Impact Separator”, has been developed for the mechanical processing of a fine particle fraction and is based on the physical principle of the parabolic or ballistic trajectory, as well as their rebound behaviour. This allows a fine grain fraction to be sorted into three different material mixtures:

1. Heavy fraction
2. Mixed fraction
3. Light fraction
Through process-specific customization of the device, and the influence on the parabolic or rebound trajectories, different material compositions can be separated in the individual fractions. This physical principle requires neither maintenance-intensive air or compressed air technology, nor a computer-intensive control system and time-consuming refitting.

Dosing feeder

When it comes to the metering device / charging of material, REMA relies on its in-house conveyor technology including its accessories, and equips – depending on the case – the dosing head with a metering drum.

The relevant conveyor belts for charging the material are the troughed belt-, the chain belt-, the steep belt- and the rack conveyor, which are selected depending on the application and operational aim. The variably adjustable conveying speed, besides the maximum intermediate storage volume available and the metering drum which may be used, constitute the primary dosage.

The metering drum causes a secondary adjustability of the volume or mass flow in the system. Additionally the metering drum is able to optimise the flow with tools of different rigidity, such as hooks (volume smoothing) or knives (sack opener).

KGF – chain belt conveyor
MGF – troughed belt conveyor
RF – rack conveyor



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