The REMA bin belt is equipped with a pneumatic bin gate made of sheet steel and its design is based on the REMA MGF troughed belt conveyor. REMA bin belts and bin walls are constructed in segments to a robust sheet metal edge design. The side seal of the REMA bin belt, a combination of the sliding movement of the belt and an additional labyrinth seal, has proven itself over decades, especially in its use in recycling plants. In particular, this side seal is the basis for the high level of availability, low maintenance cost and long working life of the REMA bin belt. Suitable, for instance, for all waste fractions that can be compacted such as paper and plastics.

Technical Data:

Installed length: XX – 20,000 mm Special Version:
– Reversible
– Carbide external belt
scraper – Plough scraper   inside the belt
– Weighing cells
– Filling level monitor
– Light barrier
– Rotation speed monitor
– Emergency off cord
Total length: XX up to 21,750 mm
Total height: Up to about 2,800 mm
Belt width: 1,000 to 2,000 mm
Usable width: 1,025 to 2,025 mm
Operating angle: < 5 °
Drive: Shaft-mounted
geared motor
Special features: – Bin wall made of   robust sheet steel
– Pneumatic bin gate   made of robust sheet   steel
– Project-specific axle   spacing
– Belt width as required